Leader’s programs and services assist people in maximizing their potential. We provide innovative support services that improve skills, increase independence and enrich daily life.

Leader goes beyond these traditional services to meet longer term needs and achieve longer term goals. Our programs bring people with intellectual disabilities together to establish friendships and long term peer relationships that become their “next family.” To complete the picture, Leader creates homes for these next families.

Leader is a parent owned agency with clear values and guiding principles. We believe that the foundation for a complete life includes long term peer relationships and a permanent home. This foundation fulfills important emotional needs, enriches daily life and facilitates other goals.

As a parent owned agency Leaders seeks other parents and families to work together for a brighter future for our family members. Leader provides several opportunities for parent/family involvement from net-working to being a member of our company. Leader is a member limited liability company — this provides a path-way for others to be owners of the agency with a direct role in its programs and services.

Leader was formed in early 2017 and has made substantial progress in pursuing its mission of creating complete lives, next families, and homes. Leader has purchased its first home for a next family of women. We are creating programs that promote peer interactions and teamwork to enhance each other’s progress. Our programs expand opportunities for learning, community involvement and social interaction.


Leader is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services to provide services under the Medicaid Consolidated and Personal & Family Driven Services (PFDS) Waiver.

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Leader … our background and experience

Leader is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. It was created
by Mary Reinke, RN, MSN, CRNP and Tom Reinke BSW, MA whose daughter Mary Beth has
cerebral palsy. Tom has a degree and experience in social work and health care
management. Mary is a nurse practitioner. Leader’s programs and services are based upon
our experience in being self-directed, participating in a private group home, employing direct
support staff, and managing the full scope of support services.

Tom is a co-founder of New Avenue Foundation, which operates several community
inclusion programs. He has published several articles in professional journals on housing
options and services for adults with ID. He is a certified Special Olympics soccer coach and a
past member of the board of directors for the Arc of Delaware County.