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Leader … in improving skills and enriching lives

Leader provides individualized support services based upon clearly established goals. We promote parent and family involvement in setting goals and monitoring progress in achieving them. This is accomplished through a quarterly review process with a team approach to ensure steady progress toward goals.

Leader … in creating “next families”

Leader is focused on the long term future for adults with ID. We believe the foundation for that future is lasting peer relationships, and a next family. Leader’s networking program provides opportunities for parents and individuals to connect with others.

Leader … in creating homes

Leader has established several housing alternatives ranging from private ownership to
licensed group homes. Leader provides an administrative and management umbrella for
staffing and managing homes, and allows groups of families to come together to create unique
housing arrangements.

Leader … in new options for parents/families

Leader provides networking opportunities for parents and families to connect and
pursue mutual goals and interests. Our structure as a limited liability partnership provides
opportunities to have a formal role in Leader’s programs and services.
Leader takes self-direction to the next level of sophistication by combining
parent/family leadership with administrative and staffing resources. Leader enhances the
concept of micro boards by simplifying the administrative burden of managing a board and by
enhancing sustainability.

Leader … our values and guiding principles

Leader operates with a set of clear values. These values have led to a set of guiding
principles that govern our programs and services. Our values and guiding principles play an
important role in determining the character of our programs, guiding daily operations,
managing our staff and interacting with our clients.

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